Eastern Region

What began as Homenetmen Eastern United States in 1932 with only 3 chapters in New York, New Jersey and Boston is today a thriving organization with 10 chapters and over 1,200 members throughout the East. Through the years of growth and expansion, Homenetmen's objective remains constant, and the standards and expectations of the young people have remained high.

The size of the Homenetmen family in the Eastern Region has grown over the years, establishing chapters in Washington (1971), Boston (1973), New York (1976), 
New Jersey
(1975), Chicago (1975), Detroit (1976), Philadelphia (1978), Providence (1981), Southern Florida (1981) and Albany, NY(1986).

Recently 2 new chapters have been established
on August 30, 2015 Miavor Charlotte (NC) chapter and on April 17, 2017 Merrimack Valley (NY).

These chapters of Homenetmen are governed by the Eastern Regional Executive Committee. The responsibility of each chapter is to organize for its members scouting and athletic activities, in addition to social, educational, and cultural programs.